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TradeSoft ERP is a software covering almost all basic business purposes that might exist in a company. It is a combination of components that integrate people, information and processes comprehensively and flexibly. TradeSoft ERP helps companies of small sizes managing their daily work to run in a better way and allows them to gain better control of their administrative and operations environment and increase efficiency and profitability.

Furthermore, the application drives down the costs of integration and deployment by shortening time to benefit. It is imperative today, more than ever, to ensure that the business processes in an organization are integrated, streamlined and transparent.

Special Features

  • Predefined Chart of Account
  • Supported English & Arabic GUI
  • Feature to Import & Export data
  • Alarms & Notifications
  • User can define their own Short cuts
  • User can define report-Query Builder
  • Feature to export Report to Excel, PDF, Word, etc.
  • Security Audit Log for all transactions
  • Powered with .NET technology
  • Secured with MS SQL Server database
  • Scalable to support Holding company structure with Multi Business, Multi branch, Multi Dept. with relevant permission
  • Easy to install and no need of heavy hardware- TradeSoft can be installed on normal PC , normal server, on cloud or SaaS

General Features

  • Multi Business Units Support
  • Remote branch connectivity
  • Management Mobile App interface
  • Online Employee Self Service Portal
  • Integration with adHoc or 3rd party software


  • Payroll Management
  • POS (Point of Sales)
  • Restaurant Management
  • Pre-Sales Management
  • Overseas Purchase & Costing Management